Shayne Taylor


Growing up, Shayne didn’t have much choice as to his participation in music and performing. The son of a studio singer and member of the renown Tabernacle Choir on Temple Square, Shayne’s first day in the spotlight was when he was 6-months-old as he played the youngest of 12 children in the stage play, “Cheaper by the Dozen.” Since that time, he’s logged an impressive resume both vocally and on the stage.

Shayne is definitely the a cappella guru of the group having carefully amassed from his younger days a wealth of knowledge on groups, trends, and the history of the genre. He’s been involved with several a cappella groups, the first of which, “Not Kwite Five,” was a four man high school group that received modest acclaim and spent a summer on the Japanese amusement park circuit.

While trying to be a pre-med major in college, Shayne was never able to lay his musical side down and continued performing in various capacities at Weber State University. After setting things aside for a couple years to share his faith as a missionary in England, Shayne transferred to Utah State, receiving one of six male scholarships in the Dept. of Programs and Entertainment.

Aside from being a devout Bears fan (this actually got him out of a speeding ticket once) and a Star Wars nerd, Shayne is a lover of fine candy and constantly can be found with a small market’s worth of confection at any one time in his backpack.

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