Paul Hansen


Paul’s effortless lead tenor voice has become an Eclipse 6 trademark. It’s ironic that one of the other sonic items most often associated with Eclipse 6, namely the sub-harmonic lip buzz, is also produced by this native of West Point, UT. Paul’s rural upbringing spread his time between working on the family farm and honing his incredibly keen ear by joining his father in the mutually enjoyed pastime of improvising arrangements of popular songs and jazzing up church hymns on the piano. He also remembers jamming with his family in the car on road trips and creating multi-part vocals because the radio didn’t work.

Paul’s music education started behind the upright bass, cello, and piano in his young life. He also sang bass in high school choir until his senior year when his teacher finally informed Paul that he was actually a tenor. The switch was made, his manhood un-damaged, and his new-found talent took him to Weber State University where he spent the year on tour with the Weber State Singers. After 2 years of missionary service in Nashville, TN, Paul was quickly nabbed by Utah State University’s Programs & Entertainment Dept. earning a vocal scholarship, finishing his Bachelor’s degree, and beginning his association with the other members of what would eventually become Eclipse 6.

Paul’s incredible ear has benefited the group not only vocally, but in the studio as an engineer and in production. When not on the road Paul loves spending time with his wife, Becca and the four kids. He has an affinity for the outdoors, old cars, spiking a volleyball into warm sand, and he truly embodies art in motion on a pair of snow skis.

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